The Road…..

There is something special about storytellers… the epic traditions tell us that bards and their tales are magic… If you have never listened to the Tobolowsky Files you know the power of the road and if you have not you must if you like real stories at all…… Today KUOW replayed the series entitled The Road…. really he is one of the best storytellers of our time because he can draw out truth in himself and touch the listener. I’m at another juncture of change in my life, though I’m middle aged I’m still at a point of beginning at a point where I can expect nothing from anyone yet people from my past believe in me. I ask people to lie for me on job interviews and thy say what do you need… I’ll ask for nothing since I can’t get anything by someone else’s word only my own.

I’m on the road but I think being a hitchhiker I’m doomed to hope for the kindness of strangers…. I do not want to Hirt anyone else now… I’m a lodestone and I’ve hurt enough people in my life… Stephen talks about the road…. goals and the desire to be true to ones self…. I’ve given up so many dreams in my life… my dream now is just to pull my own weight a d I have no hope of doing so… I do not want to be a drag on anyone… Ok enough of the sob story… I’m a geek and not a useful one… Listen to the Tobolowsky files and I know maybe I’ve done something though it’s not for me…

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my thoughts…

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